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Envínate Lousas Viñas de Aldea

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Envínate Lousas Viñas de Aldea is an aged red wine made by the Envínate Winery in A Texeira (Ourense) and which it is encompassed in the regulatory board Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin. This wine is made with the Mencía grape variety and with a small percentage of other autochthonous grape varieties that are mixed in the vineyard. The grapes come from various plots over 60 years old, planted on lousa (slate) soils. Aged for 11 months in barrels on its own lees without carrying out any transfer or addition of sulfur. The objective of the Envínate Winery is to produce authentic wines that express the terroir of each plot and the full potential of the variety. For this, they do not use chemicals, herbicides or pesticides, and all the procedures in the winery are carried out with minimal intervention. A fresh and easy to drink wine that will not leave you indifferent.

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COMMERCIAL BRAND: Envínate Lousas Viñas de Aldea
WINERY: Envínate
DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Ribeira Sacra (Galicia, Spain)
WINE TYPE: Aged red wine (11 months in French oak barrels)
GRAPE VARIETY: 95% Mencia and 5% others
PAIRING: Lamb, rabbit, red meats, cheeses, sausages and rice.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Optimum serving temperature: We recommend serving it at about 14ºC -16ºC.

Appearance: Bright cherry, garnet rim.

Bouquet: Very fresh and elegant red with classic aromas, black pepper, red fruits, grass.

Palate: The palate shows a lot of wild tannins, spices. Dry finish.


Alfonso Torrente, José Ángel Martínez, Laura Ramos and Roberto Santana met while studying oenology in Alicante and discovered that they shared a similar vision of wine. The result of their concern is Envínate, a project that combines oenological consulting with their own wines that they make in the same areas where they advise and almost always using the facilities of the wineries they have as clients. The highlight of their work, however, is that they have become the spearhead of a new way of making in Spain. They are great defenders of fresh and Atlantic wines that showcase the terroir and local varieties. That is why it is not surprising that his most important projects are located in (Canary Islands) and Ribeira Sacra (Galicia). The Galician influence is put by Alfonso Torrente. Envínate’s project in Galicia focuses on the Ribeira Sacra, a region of extreme orography and terraced vineyards that rush towards the Miño and Sil rivers. Under the Lousas brand (this is how slate flakes are called in the area) they make a “village wine” (about 7,000 bottles) with 12 different plots distributed in the sub-areas of Amandi, Ribeiras do Sil and Bibei, as well as two labels from specific vineyards located in Amandi Parcela Seoane and Parcela Camiño Novo (both below 1,000 bottles). The main variety is Mencía, but there may be small percentages of Merenzao, Garnacha tintorera… The style of the wines is juicy and fresh, with notes of spices and herbs and clean and persistent palates. As of the 2017 vintage, Envínate’s wines in this Galician area are outside the D.O. Envínate’s philosophy focuses on working with unique vineyards and on an elaboration adapted to the characteristics of the vintage, which will determine, for example, the use or not of stalk (and in what quantities) in the elaboration. Native yeasts are used and work is done in reductive without racking after malolactic, protecting the wine with carbon dioxide. Hence, in general, their wines may appear reduced when uncorking the bottle and benefit from generous aeration. For aging, they work in barrels from 228 to 600 liters, seeking that there is no obvious contribution of wood. The sulfur is used only before bottling.

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