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Father 1943 Mencia

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Father 1943 Mencía is an amazing red wine that has been pampered from the grape strain, made with the best varieties of autochthonous Mencía and Arauxa grapes and produced by Crego and Monaguillo Wineries, it has a passage through barrels used of French Alier for 6 months. It is accompassed in the regulatory board Monterrei D.O.  “The deepest gratitude is that we owe to those who help us achieve our dreams … to be who we really are.” Father 1943 is a tribute to that feeling and to those who have instilled in us their way of understanding life, valuing friends, loving wine … but never forgetting our humble origins.

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COMMERCIAL BRAND: Father 1943 Mencia
WINERY: Crego e Monaguillo
DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Monterrei (Galicia, Spain)
WINE TYPE: Aged red wine (aging for 6 months in French oak barrels)
GRAPE VARIETY: Mencía (80%) and Arauxa (20%)
PAIRING: Traditional dishes, meats, ham, pasta, all kind of cheeses ...
RECOMMENDATIONS: Optimum service temperature: Between 16ºC and 17ºC.

Appearance: Bright cherry colour.

Bouquet: It is fresh with vivid aromas of red fruits, a delicate background to spicy, creamy and toasted notes.

Palate: It is tasty and broad, with a good structure of tonic matter, well integrated wood with a long and seductive finish.


The Crego e Monaguillo Winery was inaugurated in July 2006, replacing the old family winery where, for many generations, its wines and spirits were made. Thanks to his friends and customers they have continued to grow and they have expanded the winery to meet the growing demand for his wines. It is a family winery that with its effort and dedication has achieved its dream. Its doors have been open for 50 years for those who want to pass and taste their wine, and they will hopefully continue in this successful path many years more. The winery is located in the village of La Salgueira, in the region of Monterrei (Ourense), a privileged environment. It has the most modern systems so that its wines have an unbeatable quality. It arises after many years of homemade manufacture, with the objectives of contributing to the Monterrei Designation of Origin, an extra quality product made with selected raw materials and the combination of a traditional production process with the most modern machinery and methods; to collaborate with the local, economic development and generation of direct and indirect employment in the area but, above all, to share with friends their wine and their land.

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