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Gaba do Xil Branco

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Gaba do Xil Branco offers an update on the white wines of inland Galicia. An excellent 100% Godello white wine, Atlantic but with continental influence made by the Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez Winery under the regulatory board of the Valdeorras Designation of Origin. Ripe and fresh, expressive and serious, Gaba do Xil shows the virtues of the Godello grape and the uniqueness of evolutionary soils on slate.

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COMMERCIAL BRAND: Gaba do Xil Branco
WINERY: Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez
DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Valdeorras (Galicia, Spain)
WINE TYPE: White wine
GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Godello
PAIRING: Scallops, grilled octopus, appetizers, seafood, grilled fish, fish rice.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Optimum serving temperature: Between 7ºC and 10ºC.

Appearance: Bright straw yellow.

Bouquet: Very subtle with hints of white fruits, tropical fruits, citrus notes, very fresh.

Palate: On the palate it has good acidity, with a certain silky texture, unctuous and a long finish.


Today, after 30 years, Telmo Rodriguez and his team realize that their Company has been built through trips that have discovered for them a complex country, with a wealth of landscapes and astonishing diversity, unique in the world. These trips have put them in contact with the vestiges of an ancestral and unconscious viticulture, full of gestures and experience. They have been thrilled to see how our ancestors worked. How they were able to move tons of stone to shape landscapes and build terraces and terraces that today are practically abandoned heritage but which, nevertheless, could become some of the best vineyards on the planet. How they used hundreds of varieties that were mixed to adapt to the diversity of our landscapes and climates. They have learned a lot. They have reflected and understood that respect for everything they have seen and intuited should become the basis of all their work. This mysterious Galicia, a mixture of Atlantic and continental climates, of Chestnut and Jara, keeps an exceptional wine in its entrails. The true origin of viticulture in this area is a mystery. They like to talk about the Romans in the gold mines or the great concentration of important convents and their influence on the development of Galician viticulture. The truth is that the real protagonist is the man who moved tons of stones to create an exciting vineyard landscape. In 2002 he began his work, taking the baton directly from the families of winegrowers who had been pruning and digging impossible vineyards for generations to make their wine. The phylloxera distorted the profile of the original vineyard. Some abandoned plot a century ago has given them the opportunity to plant old vineyards. Co-plantation takes on its true meaning in this territory. Varieties such as Merenzao, Sousón, Treixadura, Godello Tinto, Brencellao, Doña Blanca, Palomino … are its base. The Parcelas Falcoeira, As Caborcas and O Diviso have taught them to understand the complexity of the area. 23 hectares of difficult vineyards are their commitment to this magical place.

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