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Luxuria de Guarda Godello

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Luxuria de Guarda Godello is an incredible and spectacular aged on lees white wine made with the Godello, Dona branca and Loureira grape varieties by Vinos con personalidad – Pablo Vidal Winery under the regulatory board of the Monterrei Designation of Origin. This is a Guarda wine, made from a thoughtful selection and combination of elaborations and autochthonous varieties of the Monterrei D.O. Luxuria arises from illusion and passion, from exciting moments full of euphoria and inspiration. Pablo Vidal introduces us to an elegant seductress, outgoing and vital, she is a dangerous and irresistible temptation, let yourself fall in love and enjoy the moment.

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COMMERCIAL BRAND: Luxuria de Guarda Godello
WINERY: Vinos con personalidad – Pablo Vidal
DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Monterrei (Galicia, Spain)
WINE TYPE: Aged white wine (long maturation and refined in the cellar on fine lees, in tanks and lightly toasted Hungarian oak barrels)
GRAPE VARIETY: Godello 85%, Dona branca 10 %, Loureira 5%
PAIRING: It pairs perfectly with fresh fish and seafood and with delicate preparations, vegetables, foie mi-cuit, salads, carpaccio of meat and fish, fruits and desserts of moderate sweetness.
RECOMMENDATIONS: It is recommended to serve between 8ºC and 10ºC.

Appearance: It is presented with bright pale yellow tones and green reflections.

Bouquet: Floral and citrus aromas, with a background of aromatic herbs and stone fruits, seasoned with sweet and toasted spices.

Palate: In the mouth it is fresh and vibrant as well as tasty and delicate, with hints of spices and pastry.


The experience and professional perspective of Pablo Vidal has led him to the conclusion and conviction that the future of Galician wine lies in recovering the old elaborations and in this project Vinos con personalidad – Pablo Vidal Winery is fully committed to this, in order to recover the true character of the wines of this land, through ancient and natural processes of elaboration forgotten, but applying modern viticulture and oenology, and respectful of the environment and the vineyard. After 18 years as Technical Director of the Ribeiro D.O. changes his position but not his profession and passion. He embarks on a new and exciting project that is based on developing high-quality wines in the different traditional areas of viticultural production in Galicia, wines with a different character, which innovate by recovering the past. The result is mature wines without losing freshness, which have been polished from a slow maturation in the cellar and in the bottle, long-lasting wines that allow storage, wines with personality that have lost the exuberance of youth and express complexes, balanced and delicate. Wines with their own personality; Its basic philosophy is to produce wines that excite, that offer new sensations, complex and elegant wines, which in turn are honest and respectful of the reality of the agro-climatic and cultural environment from which they were born, wines that convey a landscape and the excitement of the adventure of a lifetime. Its wines are wines matured in the cellar according to the needs of each vintage and with the capacity to store in the bottle, they are adult wines, wines that have gained personality and finesse with their maturation process, becoming more complex, balanced and interesting. This philosophy is basic in his project, and without a doubt it is a great added value, that a bottle surprises us with elegant sensations gained in maturation over several years, is one of the charms that a quality wine must have and it is part of the magic of good wine. Wines to enjoy, Another fundamental objective is that its wines are interesting, complex, mature, etc., but easy to drink, wines with which to enjoy the gastronomic diversity of the world, good company, a landscape, or simply a quiet moment with yourself.

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Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 28.7 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm



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