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Quinta da Muradella Treixadura Bajo Velo

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The Quinta da Muradella Winery surprises us with an aged white wine single varietal made with Treixadura grape variety which it is encompassed in the regulatory board Monterrei Designation of Origin. The particularity of Quinta da Muradella Treixadura Bajo Velo 2016 is that it has undergone a 12-month aging under veil in foudre, barrel and tank. The result is a complex and vertical wine, like the Verín vineyards. Respect for the environment and the preservation of the environment are also the hallmarks of Quinta da Muradella, which has a philosophy of yesteryear and only applies natural procedures in its processes. In fact, all of its production has been certified as organic since 2005. Its wines enjoy great prestige beyond our borders, where Quinta da Muradella places most of its production.

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COMMERCIAL BRAND: Quinta da Muradella Treixadura Bajo Velo
WINERY: Quinta da Muradella
DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Monterrei (Galicia, Spain)
WINE TYPE: Aged white wine (12 months in a combination of fudre, barrel and tank)
GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Treixadura
PAIRING: Fish, vegetables, appetizers, seafood, salads, pasta...
RECOMMENDATIONS: It is recommended to serve between 9ºC and 11ºC.

Appearance: Golden with gray reflections. Clean, bright and with less body than we would have thought at first.
Bouquet: White flowers, citrus, chalk, sharp spices, some flower and sea.
Palate: The passage through the mouth is fluid, dry, acid, sharp, austere and rectilinear. With almost no alcohol or wood. Despite the fact that Monterrei is not actually a maritime zone, much more than the type of grape or its elaboration, what predominates here is its Atlantic character. Long, primary and saline finish.


The history of the Quinta da Muradella Winery it is a story of betting on the rural environment and on old vines that had been discarded due to their low yield. It is a job that has to be guided by a strong vocational determination. Jose Luis Mateo is the man behind the project that began in 1991. Its foundations lay in two vineyards that his father, a stonemason by profession but a farmer at heart, worked for private consumption and, later, for consumption at the bar of the family. We are located in the Monterrei area, on the border with Portugal and with a climate more continental than Atlantic, with hot summers and freezing winters. Jose Luis works organically in an area where a lot of grafted pattern of Garnacha Tintorera and Mencía was replanted. However, he has always bet on genetic diversity and tends to make a multitude of vines.Some have even been planted by him with masales selections. Among them the Bastardo (Merenzao), Mencia, Garnacha Tintorera, Caiño tinto, Albarello (Brancellao), Aruaxa (Tempranillo), Sousón or Zamarrica. In its vineyard of about 14 hectares of sloping slopes of granite, quartz and sand soils in some inaccessible cases such as A Trabe, Finca Notario, Finca Muradella, a great diversity of autochthonous varieties are planted. His philosophy is that of the vine growers of yesteryear, that wine is made in vineyards and man can only lend a hand. All the works that are carried out are manual respecting the environment, it does not use any chemical product such as fertilizers, herbicides or treatments against diseases, it simply follows natural procedures to preserve all the characteristics of the land and its environment. Jose Luis Mateo is a genuine winegrower by vocation, and a producer of enormous finesse and authenticity, who in less than a quarter of a century has placed his small vineyard in the Támega Valley at the head of the best Burgundian-inspired properties, in where his red and white wines rub shoulders with the greatest.

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