We want to eat well and tastefully, give ourselves a tribute in the form of quality cuisine. What better than to do it with one of the dishes that we recommend today! You can find them in the select menu of the O Rei Pescador restaurant. Take note.


It is a very typical dish from the northern part of the country, suitable for special days, memorable events, celebrations or anniversaries, also to be consumed as a couple in a relaxed way. It should be presented in a casserole or on a plate that keeps the heat well. In a sauce that we heat in a pot over low heat we place the cocochas, well sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, some chilli, parsley, salt and several garlic. We can assure you that it is an exquisite snack, highly appreciated by all diners. It goes especially well with white wines. A unique experience.


Another spectacular dish. Monkfish and prawn marry very well in a stew whose sauté is delicately prepared and handcrafted with garlic, onion, tomato, a little red pepper, oil and white wine. It is important to prepare a good prawn stock to get the flavor in the creamy rice that we will have left. Monkfish is the last thing we are going to add to the plate. You try to cook little by little in the last section of the fire. It is a tasty recipe that comes from fishing families and that over time has become a classic exported to all latitudes. It is a good time to immerse ourselves in an unbeatable flavor!