A pleasure for the senses, this is how this meat restaurant in Vigo is committed to taking care of each ingredient with care; a place where details do matter.
And it is that for O Rei Pescador, traditional cuisine is made up of essential elements such as good preparation, quality raw materials and a few touches of originality. Each of our flavors will lead you to discover a culinary experience that can be transferred from the present to the past, with the best meats and aromas of the city’s gastronomy. The meat dishes enjoy an excellent presentation, a classic of home cooking that It can be adapted to both a family meal and a more formal event. If you want to delight the senses with a simple but very representative dish of the meat menu, be sure to try the lamb chops, seasoned with the incomparable taste of O Rei Pescador, which has already become very popular with diners. But that’s not all ,You will also find different types of meat on the menu, perfect for the taste of the whole family or the guests of a meeting. Those who prefer it can choose a delicious beef steak, juicy and cooked at the exact point of flavor. In addition, a perfect veal Milanese meat to accompany other contours of the menu. The sirloin and beef entrecote are one of the most representative meat dishes that you can also enjoy in this restaurant.

Do not let them tell you what the gastronomy of Vigo is like and come better to try it in O Rei Pescador, where the flavor and the good atmosphere combine to your delight.