Whoever tastes the food of Vigo, stays in Vigo! Galicia is a sea of ​​delicious shellfish and in Vigo, shellfish are from another galaxy.

If you plan to go to Vigo this 2020 you must take two things into account: the home culture will steal a little piece of your heart and its gastronomy will overturn your senses.

Where to dine this 2020?

For tastes, the colors. From an informal lunch to a pretentious business dinner, Orei Pescador has it all: a relaxed, classic and cozy atmosphere accompanied by beautiful views and a menu with the best quality products from La Ría.

The two floors of heaven

Orei pescador has two floors: an internal ground floor with maritime decorations and a first floor with a terrace overlooking the Plaza de Compostela; in either of the two, dinner will taste glorious.

The dishes of this famous restaurant in Vigo are characterized by being traditional, they have that little taste of home and the love of grandmother that we all love, traditional food is accompanied by a five-star service.

If glory had a taste, it would probably taste like an Orei dish

The menu is very diverse, they not only focus on marine products, but also have a wide variety of meats of the best quality.

If you come for a seafood platter, the stars of the place are: clam, spider crab, scallop, scallop, barnacle and cockle; however, you cannot fail to try the veal and the ox accompanied by an exquisite Galician bread.

Of course, Galicia is not Galicia without its famous Galician empanadas and in this restaurant the octopus empanadas are the definitive divine creation and if they are accompanied with a flan or a cheese cake to close, there is no divine work worthy of the delicacies served in Orei fisherman.