Octopus rice is one of the most traditional, complete and tasty dishes of the northern coast of our country. It is important to have a quality octopus, which is fresh and has a good cooking point; We must get it to soften so that its texture is ideal and more placid to eat.

Previously, we must prepare a good fish stock. We will use the leftover fish or shellfish from other dishes and even the octopus cooking water to make it. This will give the rice body and flavor. We have to watch the rice that we add during cooking, as we want it to come to the table with the exact point, neither past soft nor hard, with a honeyed touch. We will stir it with a wooden spoon, which is the best utensil to cook this dish.

The accompanying sauce, drizzled with white wine, has white onion, peppers, garlic, tomato, bay leaf, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Some add green asparagus, but this is optional. All this stir-fry, the stock (which will be reduced) and the octopus are finally in a magnificent, balanced, healthy, very tasty dish made with natural ingredients.

At the Marisco Vigo Restaurant you can taste this seafood-style rice with octopus, one of our specialties. Pure flavor, a recipe that always satisfies the most exquisite palates.